Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, June 22nd

The day began dreary with hints of rain in the air. My wonderful husband brought me back coffee from McDonalds and washed two loads of our laundry, while I updated our pictures and blog. Using our
energy saving "clothes dryer" we positioned our clothes to dry (in two days!) hahaha.. and then headed out to the local BYC and Lotte Grocery Store.

The BYC is a very very well known store here... in fact, when we were "slightly" disoriented from our Mountain climbing adventure, we told the taxi driver, "BYC".. ye,s a good landmark to find here especially considering how many Korean restaurants are THE SAME as well as many other stores...

The Lotte Grocery Store is a blog in itself.. but suffice to say, if you can not find it at the Lotte, it is not to be found anywhere.. this 6 story wonder boasts a couple upper floors of parking, a floor for dry cleaning sevices, hair salon, skin and beauty store.. it has even more to offer than a Wal-Mart... Kelly and I enjoyed using the strange wheeled cart and traveling from floor to floor on the moveable ramp.
The sections of fish choices and korean cuisine ares a little overwhelming to this Franklin, PA couple but we enjoyed looking... (but not buying!). We bought some drinks and munchies for the ball game and returned to the apartment where we tested out Dan's two burner electric stove to make some scrambled eggs (thanks Aaron and Jeong Mi), and enjoy a delicious berry scone made by Jeong Mi!  Yummy!

The afternoon skies looked like rain so Kelly, Aaron, and I armed ourselves with our umbrellas, drinks, and munchies, and headed to the subway station to take the train to the Baseball Stadium. (Yes, you can take drinks/food into the stadium!)
We bought dinner at the Burger King in the baseball stadium and after enjoying the Whopper with chicken nuggets (yes, no french fries here as a side) we sang along with the chants, clapped our Thunder Sticks together and enjoyed watching the SK Wyverns beat the LG Twins 11-4!
So a win for the team and no rain!
 A great night!  We returned to the subway and headed back home.

Check out all our pictures from this day and the rest of our Korean Adventure:  http://picasaweb.google.com/embruckart/Tuesday_June22ndKoreanAdventure#

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