Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18th

Body clocks out of sync... not much sleep, but body says wake up... 4:30 am... Checked email, skyped with Melissa (she is in Canterbury so only a 5 hour difference from Korea!)...

We were up and able to walk with Aaron to his school which is about 30 minutes away from his apartment.


We left Aaron and headed back to the apartment. On the way we went to Macdonald's (while waiting for Aaron's bank to open to exchange our money). We successfully ordered breakfast meal using broken English, pantomines, and our Capital One Credit Card!! AAAAAHHHH good ole black coffee and Egg McMuffins! (3 dollars for each meal!!)

Then to bank to change our money to Won... We had to tell the greeter our business and we were given a slip with number "4001" on it. We were directed to a waiting area, where we were to watch a board for our number to light up. The board told us which clerk to go to...

Successful transaction at the bank! Then to little store to buy some items and found an "ATM" machine. Kelly wanted to make sure he could get money with our debit card and he was able to navigate the "English" steps and successful in getting 1,000 won as a test run!!

Returned to apartment to reorganize and download our pictures, shower... and return to Aaron's school for lunch, meeting with his principal, tour of his building, and observe Aaron teach two of his Friday afternoon classes!

We were in Aaron's school from 11:45 till 4:30 pm. We enjoyed meeting many of Aaron's collegues, seeing the different rooms in his school, and seeing how well his students respond to Aaron... everyone we met said many good things about Aaron and how much they enjoy having him in their building! We are so proud of him!

We returned to the apartment/business building and rested for a couple hours. We went downstairs to a restaurant on the first floor of his building where Aaron ordered dinner for us.

We left the restaurant and walked around his neighborhood. We bought some beverages and sat in a park and visited... we then returned to the apartment and even though USA was playing in the World Cup at 11:00 pm later that evening, we could not stay up for the game.. we returned to Dan's apartment and went to sleep... much needed sleep...after a very busy couple days!

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  1. Oooh! Can we get more photos of Aaron teaching? He looks so professional in his "big boy" clothes. All we get are t-shirts, sparkly salsa outfits, and padded bras.