Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20th

Always love waking up to visiting with Melissa on Skype! Happy Father's Day to Kelly in Incheon, Republic of Korea! We got up and headed out the door to McDonald's for that much needed coffee and breakfast. Kelly wanted to check out churches, so we worked our way toward some church steeples... the one church had a sign on the building, and after going into the building, and checking out 3 stories.. we never did find the church.. hahaha.. the top floor of that building was someone's apt.. go figure.. the second church was a beautiful Catholic church which had a lovely Mary garden, statue of Jesus, and some beautiful murals on outside walls.. the church mass was PACKED when we peeked in the door.. no seats to be seen in the back rows and all the ladies were wearing lace head coverings (just like I wore as a girl at Notre Dame).. so we decided not to enter.. the third church had just a small group in the room and we knew we would be very conspicuous.. so we decided not to go there as well...

We walked to a coffee shop where we ordered an iced coffee and Kelly got a tomato juice which was made with fresh tomatoes and water and ice.. blenderized... he was quite pleased!

We returned to Dan Sadley's apartment where we were able to skype with Marty, set up our first ever blog, and add pictures of our trip to our Picasa Website:

We then checked out Aaron's favorite grocery store: Lotte Grocery Store
What a massive 5/6 story experience! Packed with people, vendors, carts,
moving walkways... unbelievable experience!

Then to celebrate Father's Day at an Outback Steak House! Now that is my kind
of Korean Food! Mushroom Soup, Sirloin Steak, Baked Potato, Steamed Mixed Vegetables, onion rings, bread, fruit drink.. can't beat it for sure!

Aaron, Kelly, and I then walked towards Mount Cheongyang where Aaron says there are many trails there that go to the top of the range.. (he has hiked it before with friends...)

After the full days we have experienced so far, the afternoon called for a much needed nap/rest for Kelly and me... we then met Aaron, Josh Castonguay, Dan Schwanbenbauer, and another teacher, Geoff (he teaches with Aaron in the Hambak Elementary English Center). We enjoyed watching the guys play basketball with a group of Korean guys (USA won!); and four horses... where any shot was tried for sure!!

We then went to the Beir Garden Restaurant for some good (Westerner) Food! The table was unique in that it had cold holders that kept our beer cold! So Kelly, Aaron, Josh, Dan, and I visited and enjoyed some good food, drink, conversation.. then it was back to Dan Sadley's apt after another good day in S Korea...check out our pics of the day:

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