Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday, June 26th: Aaron's 27th Birthday

We never would have imagined 27 years ago, while at Brown Memorial Hospital in Conneaut, Ohio, that our son, Aaron Thomas Bruckart, born 6/26/83 at 7:27 am assisted by Dr. Moon K. Yoon  (a Korean doctor), would be celebrating his birthday in Incheon, Republic of Korea, and that Kelly and I would be celebrating it with him!!

The day began with my kind hubby who walks to McD every morning so that I can get my coffee Americana!
Then, while uploading our Friday pics and updating our blog, Kelly began cleaning Dan's apartment...

Later that day, Aaron enjoyed opening his gifts from his Grandma and Papa, and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Chris..(hahaha.. he just finished his last box of Jordan Almonds Kathy!).. we got his first Birthday pic, and we headed out into a rainy day.

We had purchased umbrellas at the beginning of our adventure, and  fortunately this was the first day we had to use them.  Aaron had originally planned on us going to Muido Beach, but decided to tour Inha University instead because of the rainy forecast.

We treated ourselves to a taxi ride to Inha U and walked the Inha Culture Streets and enjoyed Mr. Pizza for lunch.. a salad bar and yogurt bar first.. and all eating salad selections for the same bowl.. humm... the use of the umbrella bags to hold wet umbrellas was a first and the device can be seen in our pics at the end of this blog.

Aaron ordered a New York Style Pizza and we enjoyed sharing it together.
We then were introduced to Inha (Incheon Harbor) University where Aaron spent some time in the University's Library, providing English lessons to some college students during his first year in Korea.

We then walked to Home Plus Department Store.. while we thought the Lotte Mart was large, this store was GIGANTIC! We had some pics developed for Jeong Mi and her parents,  and picked up some other items..always fun shopping in stores here!

We taxied back to the apartment where after resting we dressed for the evening and taxied to Old Song Do where we were "wined and dined" traditional Korean Style, through the generosity of Jeong Mi's parents!

 Check out all of our unique and delicious course items in our  Picasa link at the end of this blog.

We enjoyed the company of Jeong Mi and her parents and we shared some interesting conversation.  Aaron was our Korean translator and a fine job he did!

Jeong Mi created Aaron's birthday cake and the waitstaff did a wonderful "Korean birthday" song for Aaron in which we all clapped along!

We had our pictures taken by the massive tree which is growing inside of the restaurant.

We caught another taxi and headed to Bamboo Dance Academy where his instructors and other dancers waited impatiently for Aaron to show up to do the SOLO birthday dance.  They also sang Happy Birthday to Aaron and then Aaron and Jeong Mi began the Solo Dance line.. other dancers joined in to dance with Aaron as well.. it was fun to watch the excellent Dancers in this Academy doing their Salsa routines.  He has many good friends here!  What a joy to spend some time with them again we before we leave.

We taxied back into Incheon where we met up with Aaron's friends, and had a drink in a 'westerner' bar, Route 66, and watched Korea lose 2-1 in the World Cup Soccer Championship.  Kelly and I left around 1:00 am or so to head back to the apartment while Aaron and his friends stayed to watch USA lose (boo hoo) 2-1 in overtime to Ghana!  Aaron said he got to bed at 6:30 Sunday morning... a long day for him for sure!  One more full day and then Kelly and I say goodbye to Aaron and to Korea!
Check out all our pictures from this day on the link below:

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